A Media Artist's Response To Failing Diplomacy

When BriAnna Olson's pacifist views were confronted by an adamant American couple, she decided to heed their challenge and head to Tehran-- the epicenter of the Axis of Evil nation.

Amongst a landscape of failed diplomacy and media smear campaigns, she and fellow artist Michael Pope found a society far more alive and hospitable than they'd ever been led to believe.

Like jesters of a modern-day Magellan, they've returned with stories and insights to a culture few American's have seen first hand.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shiner Hejabs

I'm finally understanding the nuances here between what is said and what is done... what are the rules and what are the practices.
When I first showed up, I came with black form-fitting hejab. When I realized that I was sending the wrong signals and that I wouldn't be harassed for wearing something lighter and shinier, I was gung-ho for swapping it out.
Here are some pictures for you anonymous blog comment maker.


  1. thanks for the pics!
    it was me, just couldn't manage to fill in the boxes. (we all say howdy!) terminology question, hejab is to headscarf as ? is to tunic/dress/robe?

  2. yay, shiney! i love them both, especially the second one :) i think the only time i ever wear black is muharram!